Saturday, May 28, 2011

INSET Programme for Teachers, Just a Beginning!

INSET Programme for teachers started in Tsirang from 28th May, 2011. The opening ceremony was done in DYT hall of Tsirang Dzongkhag. It was graced by Dasho Dzongdag of Tsirang Dzongkhag. He addressed the gathering that teachers are the main instruments to mould the future citizens of the country. He expressed his concerns for the children’s’ learning with the changing time.
The real session started after serving refreshment in Damphu LSS. The main objective of conducting this teacher inset programme is to provide the teachers with the skills on how to meet today’s classroom challenges with integrated solutions. According to the facilitators, there are eight modules. We were familiarized and finished discussion on two modules, who am I? , and Differentiated Instruction.
We learned that as a teacher, what are the qualities one need to possess. We also learned some of the key characteristics of a good teacher and bad teacher. We learned nine multiple intelligences and four learning styles which can be used for assessing children’s learning. Never the less we also came to know the different strategies and the ways that teachers can use to differentiate children’s learning ability.
Around 65 teachers from different schools in Dzongkhag are attending the training. This is the first batch attending the programme which is going to last for four days.
This is just the brief over view of the first day Inset programme. There are more to come and have many expectations from remaining three days.

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