Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Wonder Why?

I wonder why only the teachers? I wonder why teachers are looking for the brighter side of their life. If you ask any teacher about their job, they say its hectic and tiresome job. A very few teachers enjoy this profession. Currently, the Ministry of Education and RCSC has come up with another new rule to retain teachers forever as teachers and this seems to have really increased the sum of disappointment for the teachers.
Decade ago, this profession is loved by almost every people in the country and many used to rush for this noble profession. But now the impression and the image of being teachers have really changed depressingly. There are so many factors which effects the change. People say this profession is the last option and this I believe is true up to certain extent. I wonder how many future teachers are going to enter this profession. How long will it take to solve the teacher shortage in the country? Do they love to be in the same profession throughout their life is the hundred dollars question. One will know the real essence and the taste of this profession if one ever becomes a teacher.
A teacher keeps standing all day

I wonder why teachers are blame if children fail because of their carelessness. Does it mean that teachers do not teach them? Is it that they all should be made pass whether they work hard or not?
I wonder how many of you acknowledge teachers and thank them if children do better in their studies or life-long skills. How many of you feel that their success is the collective effort of teachers and the students?
I wonder why teachers are blame if they raise their voice for any changes of rules when others are free to do so! Don’t teachers have emotions and feelings? Don’t they have sense of judging the right and the wrong?
I wonder why teachers are blame for any mistake done by the students not knowing it is their fault. Is it enough for them to seek advice only from the teachers - excluding parents and elders?
I wonder why teachers are asked to wear ghos and kiras only when others are allowed to wear any types of dress irrespective of the venue. Are they only the one to preserve our culture and tradition or does it mean they are the only patriotic citizen?  What about others? Are they not the sons and the daughters of Palden Drukpa?
I wonder why teachers are blamed for taking alcohol when others enjoy day and the night. Don’t they have sense of enjoyment and relaxation? Or is it that teachers should be non-alcoholic? If so this should be one of the entry criteria for the teaching profession.
I wonder why the societies demand/expect a lot from the teachers when the demands from the teachers are not fulfilled by the society.
I wonder why teachers are treated different from other society after all they are also human being.  I neither expected my teachers to have all above qualities nor do I expect my teachers to have all these qualities. I am thankful to them. I am what I am now because of them only. Whatever the people say, remember the Tibetan saying “Fa-Lama Meipai Gong roel na, Bu Sangay Zhe pai ming yang mey”, that there is no way where one can attain Buddha hood in the absence of a Lama or a teacher.

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  1. A nice reflection Kuenga... wish there were more like you who thought better of the teachers... :)