Saturday, February 12, 2011

What went wrong with Lhamo’s Life?

In this present century many events are changing day by day and we can perceive all these changes. Forget about the activities, even people are changing in every second tremendously.
It’s not very long ago, a girl name Lhamo was residing in a countryside village. Her parents were not well-off but with great effort they were able to provide her necessity items needed in school. She was a good student in her school and brought good results every year. Her parents expected their daughter to be somebody when she finished her studies. Even the villagers and neighbours had a great hope that she would definitely be somebody and look after her parents.
 But after some years the things didn’t go well as expected. She was sent to study in urban school after completion of her primary education. Gradually, lot of changes took place in her. While in school, she was no longer that shy, meek, submissive and homely creature as she used to be in the past. She was no longer confined through the ages to mere hearth or home. She even fought for her rights according to the situation. She had asserted herself in company and she could face the heavy odds.
Lhamo even started imitating the male sex with regard to fashion, behavior, ambition and endeavors. Jean Pants and hot pants replaced the colouful and well-dignified Kira, a national dress, which gave majesty to her personality. The hair, which was well maintained and plaited dresses were no longer the beauty of her. The boy’s cut of hair gave her a boyish look and took hard task which boys were supposed to do. She didn’t bother what her parents and teachers advised her. She was in her own world.
She started to develop unappreciable habit of spending lots of amount in buying nail polish, lipstick and many other items which made her parents to wonder how she was using the money. She had become more of a painted stick than of a natural beauty with her make ups. She even started abusing drugs, taking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, as if they give some sorts of satisfaction to her hunger and thirst.  These sinful acts rather than giving any benefit to her health all she learned was from one of her friends in school.  Parents send her to school to get good education but she didn’t concentrate on her study and went on chatting and gossiping. In a way she disturbed her friends who had minds to study. She thought that even if she failed in examination she would leave the school and find a husband. Ultimately when she failed she didn’t show any sign of unhappiness. Parents were the losers in any ways and they became the ultimate sufferers.
Luckily, she married a husband who was kind and understanding. He was working in one of the departments as an officer. After one year of her marriage, she gave birth to a child and then another after some years. Though she became a mother, she liked going to parties, functions and meetings. Her lively conversation; her butterfly-like approach, her actress-like behavior added more gaudy colours to the functions. 
It was her nature that most of the time she did not want to stay at home. Quite often she headed towards the town nearby. She didn’t want to miss cinema shows and other outdoor activities. If she was given an opportunity, definitely she would not miss any activities. She had no hesitation in talking to men, no desire to remain reserved and shy. If at all there was shyness, it was a calculated shyness.
In fact, she was in different to her duties as a daughter, wife or mother. Actually, as a house wife/mother of a child, cooking and washing were the sole duty of her but she subdued her gentle husband and let him do all household works. She was the dictator of her family and unfortunate husband suffered under her dictatorship. Her only interest was to derive maximum pleasure out of life. Ending of the life was beyond the reach of her imagination. She thought that she would remain unchanged for forever. Like the girls of the western countries, she was more interested in hooking a moneyed husband. She wanted her husband to take care of himself, she wanted that the baby sitter should look after the children and she herself should remain comfortably like a queen in the palace.
Latest fashions and cosmetics became the most wanted thing in her life. She never realized whether the salary of her husband had been enough or not and was always asking for luxury items. Whenever her neighbor bought new fashion items, she pinched her husband and polished him. If her husband totally disagreed, she would remain enemy for a week or a month.
But at last she died of lung cancer due to heavy smoking. Her husband alone had to look after unhealthy children. But we are not sure what went wrong with her! Is it that because of lack of guidance from her parents and relatives? Or does it mean that teachers were not supportive to her?  I don’t know why? Who was responsible for this?

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