Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first day in school

It was back in 1992 when I was taken to admit in Shingkhar Primary School by my brother, the Head Master nearly rejected my admission.  By then I was about to be 13 years old, who was supposed to plough the field at home. 
Actually my parents could have sent me to school when I was quite young and eager but they simply allowed me to remain at home idly. Of course! My father took every pain to teach me religious practices which he acquired from his root lama. I could still feel the moment where I always encouraged my parents to allow me to study in school. Finally, due to too much pressure from me, they agreed to my proposal. It was my brother who took me to school. There were two of us going to school at the same time (my younger sister). We directly approached the Head Master of the school. He was in his quarter that time. He appropriately rejected my admission because I was too old to be in class PP. Some of my friends who were at my age were already studying in class-II, Class-III and even some in class-VI. No doubt, I had little knowledge about English alphabets and numerical up to hundred besides having the Dzongkha knowledge.
The fat and short man took every advantage to interview me on the spot. Somehow I was able to satisfy him with my broken English and dzongkha as well. Luckily! I was admitted in class-I directly. It was only the school in Shingkhar Gewog that time. My formal education started in March 1992. The moment I entered the classroom I experienced a great sense of joy and happiness. I joined my friends in assembly and sang the National Anthem. But the command given by my school captain was not understandable to me. However, I was able to manage myself to look at my senior friends and did partially correct.
While in the class room, I was quite new to my class mates. I didn’t understand what my teachers were talking about. Their language seemed quite strange to me. I became a center of attraction to my friends as I was dull for some weeks. It was really an embarrassing situation for me to be in class-I at that age with small children, whom I called them Nu-Chu. I was appointed class captain by my class teacher. I started learning with keen interest and put extra effort in my studies. I thought, we were all born equal in the eyes of Nature and I could do what others can! All we need is a bit of extra will power. My hard works were recognized by all the teachers in the school. Despite being a new student in the class, I begged the first position from my class. From then…

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