Friday, February 11, 2011

A Painful Departure

When Wangmo came to spend her winter vacation with her parents from school, she met an awaited boy from the same village. They studied together for three years in same rural school in their Gewog, but in different classes before. After successful completion of Class-V, she was taken by her brother to study in one of the schools in advanced district.
Forget about having inner feelings towards each other when studying together, the boy hated her and even did not feel like uttering a word to her.  But Wangmo having studied for two years in the urban school has now changed a lot in her behaviour as well as her beauty. The poor boy was attracted by her natural beauty and started luring her. Ultimately, she accepted his proposal with great excitement and immense joy. They spent their days and nights together for whole winter. Their love increased day by day and the bond of their love and friendship became tighter like the silken notes. The time has come for them where one couldn’t spend even a single second without ones presence. Wangmo’s parents were aware of their relationship. There wasn’t any interference from her parents, rather they seemed to be happy and acceptance.
Shortly, it was time for them to return to their own school and had to depart from each other. They promised to marry after their studies. Ideally matched, nobody could imagine them being separated. But a twist of fate was to shatter their dreams and happiness. They spent sleepless night together before their departure. They were both inexpressibly sad and couldn’t speak more. The little they spoke was with choked voices and shed tears. They held each other tight. The next morning, Kuenga went to fetch horse from paddy field. Since there was no road the things had to be reached by the horses. He walked as if in dreams with his heavy heart.
At that very odd hour Wangmo and Kuenga couldn’t take their breakfast. The thought of their departure itself was really hurting their feelings. For Wangmo, it was really a heart paining fate to go away from her only beloved, who had always occupied a place in her heart. Her neighbours and villagers came to see her off with their limited things like Yu-chum, Datshe, etc.
The journey started at around 9 AM. She was accompanied by her father and other villagers. Kuenga actually went to see her off for a short distance, but their love and faith took him up to one day walk distance. They spent the last night together in a small cave, in a place called Khartshang. At least they got another chance to share their feelings. Wangmo’s elder sister and brother in-law, who actually was Kuenga’s own brother, were also there to see her off. They all spent the night together. The night seemed like a fraction of second for Kuenga and Wangmo.
The next morning, Dorji handed her this note:
My dearest Darling,
It’s very hard for me to say good bye at this juncture. As you leave, please take a part of me along. My life without you will be hollow. Do not forget our future together. Please trust me and be true to me. I always pray for your well being and success. Let’s pray for the God that we will meet soon. My love for you will never die. Save journey to you!

Yours forever,

Wangmo’s eyes filled with tears and drop fell on the note. Dorji was unbearably sad, thinking that he won’t feel the warmth of her love and moreover may they meet again or not was a hundred dollars questions in their lives. Her last words to him were;
“My dear, please be happy. I am your only and my love for you is really true. Believe me, I really love you and you will always be part of my life. May no other better soul snatch my love! Keep my words,
Wherever I go,
Whatever I do,
Whoever I be,
Forever I’ll love you.”
With this she started heading towards her destination, shedding bitterly and finding herself very difficult to hide her tears from others. As he saw her very uneasy to adjust herself, his tears flowed liberally. Kuenga couldn’t do anything. He waved his hands which made her shed more tears. It was as when the snow melts on lofty mountains; the west wind brought it, the east wind melts it, and at its melting, the rivers swell up to overflowing. So did her lovely cheeks grew wet as she shed more tears and wept for her beloved who was waving hands for her.
Kuenga was helpless and with a glance he lost her sight…

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  1. Wow - very sentimental and passionate tale of love and departure. Nicely put. Loved it. Keep writing - I wonder if it is your own story. Hehe...update will be nice!