Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Devil of a Crow

Once a merchant was out on his business trip. One the way he had to spend a night in a cave in the middle of dense forest. Soon it began to grow dark. Another uninvited guest came to seek refuge in the same cave. The guest was a lady and she was concealing/hiding her face from him. He had his dinner while she refused to take her share. They were chatting for a while. Accidentally he saw her face that resembled a sealing wax, commonly used by people in the olden days.
The merchant doubted her as non-human creature and chanted mantra and prayed to his protector deities back at home. They began to hear the bells of a horse from afar and approaching nearer to them. The lady guest began to get restless and bewildered. No sooner did the sound of the bell was heard near the cave, than she left the cave. The sound of the galloping hooves followed her hurriedly.
Few minutes later, a man with red face in red gho wearing a metal helmet and a sword, riding a red horse appeared before him. He comforted saying him not to worry. He told him to visit a pond in the morning the walk of which would take few minutes from below the cave. Saying these the red man left the scene. He had a comfortable night and as instructed he went to the pond at the dawn. To his surprise he saw a dead crow.
It’s said that the devil of the crow had come to harm him. But his prayer and mantra was heard by his deities and came to rescue him. Therefore, one must remember our protector deities and never neglect them where ever we go. Our prayers will be always heard by them in times of need provided you have a deep faith in them particularly the Triple Gem.

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