Saturday, June 11, 2011

Challenge in carrying Sacred Duty

I was really excited to register for the postal ballot just to take active part in first time LG election in the History of Bhutan. Moreover there was a candidate for Gup from my Chiwog and I thought it would be my sacred duty to vote for eligible candidate. But today when I got the postal ballot package from my dzongkhag, my hopes went in vain  
I thought this is a good opportunity to elect an eligible candidate for Gup who completed class XII, a qualified candidate we ever had in our Gewog. This has also been the vision and mission of our Government to have qualified Local leader.
Till now nobody has been elected as Gup from my Chewog. There are five Chiwogs under Shingkhar Gewog. The Chronological orders of Gups in my time are:

Sl. No
Name of Gups
Sonam Wangchuk
Karma Rinchen

It is really a surprising to see the photographs of three candidates whom I don’t know anything about any one of them. The one which I expected and know very well was not there in the postal ballot. The photograph of Leki Tshering was not given in the postal ballot.  Now, whom shall I vote for? Will it be fair if I vote blindly for any one of them? Neither do I know who is capable among them to be elected as a Gup nor have I attended their campaign. They must be equally good or qualified candidates. I don’t have any say on the Mangmi and Tshogpa candidates. I know them almost all.
I wonder how Leki Tshering is disqualified for Gup. He is 29 years old, just 4 years older than I. As per the election rules, a candidate is supposed to have attended 25 years and he is no doubt a 29 years old man, born in 1983.  Had it been not postponed, the LG election would have been done on 29th May this year and Leki Tshering would have been elected by the people because it was on May 29 only, where Wamling villagers were told by the election officials that their candidate had been disqualified as he was not 25 years old. For more details click on the link: I do not know whom to vote now. If I vote for one will it be fair for other two candidates? They are equally stranger to me.

On what bases are the candidates registered is not very well known to many people. Many believe that Citizen Identity Card or date of birth is not the criteria to be fulfilled during the registration. If so, surely it would not have happen for Leki Tshering. ECB officials could have directly rejected his candidature for Gup. Now people have built their faith/trust and confident in him and it’s obvious that people feel the pinch to loss the candidate. Who shall we blame now? Shall we blame people for nominating him? Or shall we blame Leki Tshering himself for taking part as Gup candidate? Or shall we blame ECB for registering an immature candidate blindly?

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